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Kalamaria has always been a beautiful suburb of Thessaloniki.  Situated by the unique Aretsou Marina offers a set of sites to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, cocktails and drinks in exquisite locations both from a natural and an architectural design point of view.  Either you come for business purposes, vacation, mere enjoyment or relaxation near shopping centers, Kalamaria will definitely satisfy even the most demanding guests.  The Kalamaria area combines easy access to the Thessaloniki city center for your professional meetings, museum visits in a secure and calm setting.  The local theater Melina Merkouri  offers respectful performances and the Governor’s Palace is the venue for live concerts, exhibitions and avant garde actions at the Kodra old barracks. Worth mentioning are also the events of the Παρά θίν αλός (by the seashore) every Spring.

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Thessaloniki is the most favorite destination of those fascinated by history and those who love visits to museums and archaeological sites of great value. There are many places worth to visit and are just right in the city center, or a little outside it.We present you a list with all those you should not miss out. Places that highlight the city’s long and multicultural history.

The staff at the reception will be happy to give you information about access to the following points.

  • Alaca Imaret
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki
  • The Crypt of St. Demetrius
  • White Tower
  • Macedonian Museum of Modern Art
  • Sports Museum
  • Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki
  • Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki
  • Water Museum
  • Museum of Photography
  • Folklore Museum
  • Cultural Organizations of Thessaloniki
  • Society for Macedonian Studies
  • European Centre for Byzantine Monuments
  • Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra
  • National Theatre of Northern Greece
  • Moni Lazariston (Monastery of Lazaristes)
  • Thessaloniki Concert Hall


The numerous monuments of Thessaloniki in its historical center are showing its course over time. Monuments of brilliant architecture spark the interest of the visitor who seeks the history of the streets of the city.

  • Roman market
  • Arch of Galeri (known as Kamara)
  • Castles of Thessaloniki
  • White Tower
  • Byzantine churches
  • Early Christian and Byzantine Monuments
  • Muslim Monuments
  • Neoclassic buildings

Thessaloniki, the famous magnet city on the Thermaikos gulf, as well as Kalamaria City where Hotel Oceanis is located, both offer abundant entertainment / for everyone’s taste/ to satisfy all tastes.  The city that never sleeps is ready to welcome you with gastronomy, memorable night life, clubbing, bars, and obviously live bouzouki music !

In the area next to Oceanis guests can relax and indulge at the many cafés having coffee and traditional macedonian sweets and cocktails and drinks. Fresh fish and sea food are a typical specialty of the Aretsou’s famous fish taverns.Just 3 km away for our hotel, night life entertainment starts at midnight ! Famous singers and great bouzouki players will make sure you have unforgettable shows till sunrise!In the same area, Regency Casino 24/7 invites you to try your luck and attend performances at the Vergina Theater.

The Kalamaria city center at just 3,5 km from the hotel and the Thessaloniki city center at 6 km, both easily accessible by car and public transport, can satisfy your shopping excursions. Our guests can find there a large variety of trendy brands in clothes, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, household items, gifts and many more.

Also, the Cosmos Shopping Mall is a must, offering both shops and entertainment.

Friends of sports have wonderful opportunities to satisfy their desires in Kalamaria.

Swimming at the swimming pool of Kalamaria, which in its impeccable facilities accommodates people of all ages who want to swim. It has an open 50 meter Olympic swimming pool with eight tracks. The swimming pool is just 300 meters from our hotel.

Sailing and Rowing at the Nautical Club of Kalamaria, 400 meters from our hotel, while in the area of Aretsou just under the Oceanis Hotel there is the most organized marina of Northern Greece for docking and maintenance of all kinds of boats.

Horseback riding at the cavalry club of Kalamaria, at a short distance from our hotel, the friends of the sport can enjoy moments of calmness by the sea. It is open all year round for amateur and athletic activity for young and old with its facilities housed in a green area by the sea, directly accessible by public transport. The people of the cavalry group are at your disposal to guide you and to teach you step by step the secrets of horse riding and horse life. The unique sense of getting close to nature and horses will be unforgettable.

Walk and jogging in the marina of Kalamaria and in a 15-minute walk the visitor can be found on the new beach of the Megaro Music. The beach of Kalamaria and the new beach is a destination for walkers who want to enjoy the sun, the sea and the shining sky of Thessaloniki, but also for those who choose an alternative form of bicycle ride.

The romantics can be enchanted by the sunset as this is seen from the oceanfront veranda by letting them gaze across the Aegean Sea and reach the snowy peak of Olympus where the Greek gods chose to live.